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"Add Existing Files" issues

  • I'm new to Qt and QtCreator (coming from OSX dev using XCode)

    I'm having two issues with the "Add Existing Files" option:

    I would often like to actually copy the files into the project when adding rather than creating a reference but the "Add Existing Files" doesn't appear to have this option. If there a keyboard command or something I am missing? XCode offers this and it is quite convenient.

    The reference of the added files display with the full path name so my includes also seem to need the full path as well. Makes me wonder why bother even using the "Add Existing..." option.

    How do people handle this. Lots of times I want to use existing files but don't want to create dependencies outside the project and/or may be making project specific changes to those files.

  • Moderators

    I usually use this when my files are already in correct place on the filesystem.

    You can file a suggestion on Qt bugtracker.

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