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Where do I find LIB environment variable?

  • I'm following the instructions for installing KD SOAP. In step 4 the instructions says:

    bq. Add the path to KD SOAP lib into your LIB environment variable and the path
    to KD SOAP bin into your PATH environment variable.

    So where do I find the LIB environment variable?

    I couldn't find it in the list of envorinment variables, like i did with the PATH variable.

    When setting the PATH environment variable i did it here:
    @Computer (right click)->Properties->Advanced system settings->Advanced->Environment variables.@

    So I figure that also the LIB environment variable was here. So where can i find it?

  • You create it (although I am not sure what uses it)

  • Yes, you can create it if it doesn't exist. or simply run

    set PATH=thebinpath;%PATH%
    set LIB=thelibpath;%LIB%

    in your working CMD window.

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