Certificates for Qt 4.8 app for windows 8 , what i need to do?

  • I have Qt 4.8.4 app for windows , now im testing it on windows and it opens me the smartscreen
    from what i found in the web , the only solution is to provide certificates for my app
    can you please direct me on what is the process to apply certificates to my Qt app for windows 8?

  • I assume you mean sign your application. You do this exactly the same way you do it for any application on your platform. On Windows you use the Microsoft "signtool":http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/8s9b9yaz.aspx and a valid code signing certificate

  • thanks for the replay , do i need to buy signing certificate from somewhere ?
    i never done it

  • Yes. I am sure Verisign and InstantSSL sell them... there will be others, look for "code signing certificate". You can use a self-signed certificate for testing the signing process or internal use only but not for deployment to the public.

    PS: I've never done it either.

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