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Size of android Qt app

  • Hey,

    When I compile a Qt android test application in debug mode, I find the *.apk in the android/bin directory.
    Its size: about 8MB.

    That is big, but ok, its debug.

    When I switch to Release mode, no corresponding *.apk is created. Why not?.
    What size do I have to expect it will have? Also, when the final app should work on arm an x86, the size is going to be double, correct?


  • The debug/release stuff is not working correctly. You will always get a debug apk, regardless of the build settings.
    Also, the size wont really change, even if you set it on release. The problem is that all Qt libraries you need are getting packed in the apk. So of course it will get bigger than a normal android app you do in java. There all the necessary libraries are available on the device and so the apk usually stays quite small.
    Btw, you can try to use the ministro app. Then you have one central point where all the libraries are stored -> qt apks also stay small.
    But you might run into issues with ministro. I have tried this and to my surprise some of the apps behaved differently. For example some widgets werent showing up etc. So the libs from ministro weren't the same. Maybe this changed in the meantime. I didnt test it lately.
    The other question I cant answer.

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