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Colliding: mapToScene seems not to work

  • I'am trying to handle collision between an item that is child of another one (its main item), with an individual item.

    Both have set:


    If collision is done, then I want to check if one point of the children shape is inside the other' shape:

    QPointF pointC = cable->getCableArrowPoint();
    QPainterPath path = this->shape();
    path = this->mapToScene(path);
    pointC = cable->mapToScene(pointC);
    qDebug() << "Path: " << path << " and point: " << pointC;
    if (path.contains(pointC)){
    cable->connectedWith = this;
    cable->ONLINE = true;
    cable->ONLINE = false;
    cable->connectedWith = 0;

    But its really strange: in scene, I can see how the pointC is inside (graphically), but @if (path.contains(pointC))@ is false.

    Collision is called, but the point is not inside the shape!! Even if I can see graphically it is!!!! qDebug writes following lines:

    Path: QPainterPath: Element count=5
    -> MoveTo(x=251, y=312.75)
    -> LineTo(x=263, y=312.75)
    -> LineTo(x=263, y=372.25)
    -> LineTo(x=251, y=372.25)
    -> LineTo(x=251, y=312.75)
    and point: QPointF(266, 330)

    Please, can you help me? Why "x" seems being misplaced? maybe "contains." or mapToScene? I've used these functions with other items (w/o ancestors) and they work fine!

    Thank you.

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