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Find out which options qt was ACTUALLY configured with

  • Hi all,

    I've found some info here which partially answered my above question:
    It said:

    bq. If you are using the source package, then you can find the options Qt was configured with in the configure.cache in your Qt directory. If the configure.cache file is empty, it means it used the default configuration options that can be seen when doing
    configure -help
    on the command line. Otherwise, it will contain the configuration options that were passed into configure. For the binary Qt package, then configure.cache is currently missing due to this issue]. Instead, you can take a look at the options listed in qconfig.pri which can be found
    in yourQtDirectory/mkspecs.

    configure.cache is missing in my installation (

    I'm wondering if configure --help and qconfig.pri only point out which options are intended for the configuration, and not the actual options that were successfully configured? For example I was looking if dbus was configured. In configure --help there is a line: + -dbus, which means the dbus module is to be evaluated and only included if the evaluation succeeds. qconfig.pri does not mention dbus, which means what about dbus in configure --help is relevant. But with these 2 pieces of info I can't figure out if dbus was actually configured, which is not in reality because dbus is not for Windows.

    Is configure.cache is the only place I can look?

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    There is also config.status file that shows the parameters "configure" was called with.

  • There is no config.status I can find in the installation of

    There is one config.status in my other qt compilation in Linux (qtopia-4.3) where I ran "configure" to build the qt lib myself. However, it seems this config.status only saves the last call to "configure" with all the specified command line options, and not the ACTUAL options that successfully configured and compiled.

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