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Have you got an idea?

  • Hi, have you got an idea or do you need something that is not available now, or anything is not built like you need?
    I'm Denis from Italy. I'm looking for an idea to make a new project (hardware and software).
    If you have an idea (coffee machine managed by phone, building automation, or anything you have in your head) plese send me a reply.
    If the idea is not bad, not expensive and not much complicated I have some money to put on it.

  • I like your list of projects and depth of development. We may have to collaborate at some point. I founded our local Maker community and am working on my own startup:

  • Pleasure to meet you. Sorry for my bad english.

    Now I'm working on a computer vision application. My idea is to build a touchscreen display with a camera with a pan and tilt motors. This object is thinked for outlets. You can install the object near the main entrance. The object, when a customer is coming, can rotate itself to follow the customer. The object will play an animation in order to attrack the customer. When the customer is in front of the object, an animation should invite the customer to write personal data such as mail or mobile phone number. The goal is to send advertisements in the future.
    What do you think about?

  • Your English is fine. :)

    Interesting idea. That was a common scenario posed as part of the "bluetooth future" years ago but has not yet come about. I think people are still creeped out a bit by "assertive advertising" like that, but my grandchildren will be ready to accept it...

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