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[SOLVED] How to remove Gray color background on selected text in QGraphicsTextItem after deselection.

  • Whenever we select some part of text in QGraphcisTextItem programs create default blue color background over that text and if we deselect QGraphcisTextItem , then program leaves gray color background with white color text.

    can anybody suggest how to remove this gray color background ?????

  • I am not entirely sure based on your description, but I suspect that the text stays selected while the GraphicsItem loses focus.

    Try reimplementing focusOut of the QGraphicsTextItem, and remove the text selection manually.

  • @Asperamancacabq

    thanx for suggesting a way ..
    i did a bit different

    i overrode itemchange() and in that checked section of ItemSelectedChange
    if selection false then call clearselection() from QTextCursor object.

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