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Custom icons for QFileSystemModel

  • Hi ,
    I was wondering if anybody knew of a way to use custom icons the file system uses to show your files/folders....The Doc has pointed me to QFileIconProvider but i did not find anyway to match "QFileIconProvider::IconType":http://qt-project.org/doc/qt-5.1/qtwidgets/qfileiconprovider.html#IconType-enum to the custom icons of my choosing.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    subclass QFileSystemModel and reimplement data() method. The following should do what you want:
    QVariant MyFileModel::data ( const QModelIndex & index, int role ) const
    if( index.column() == 0 && role == Qt::DecorationRole )
    //you may want to check "index.data().toString()" for the file-name/-extension
    return QVariant::fromValue(icon);
    return QFileSystemModel::data(index, role);

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    alternatively you can also subclass QFileIconProvider as you already mentioned and reimplement all virtual methods. And set the file icon provider class with QFileSystemModel::setIconProvider(yourIconProvider).

    [quote author="musimbate" date="1375257223"]Hi ,
    but i did not find anyway to match "QFileIconProvider::IconType":http://qt-project.org/doc/qt-5.1/qtwidgets/qfileiconprovider.html#IconType-enum to the custom icons of my choosing.[/quote]
    What exactly do you mean?

  • Thanks raven-worx for the reply.

    [quote author="raven-worx" date="1375263368"]
    What exactly do you mean?

    I thought I could use QFileInfoProvider to set the icons that QFileSystemModel uses to show the icons for files/folders.If this could be done there should be some kind of setIcon()/setIcons() function to set them right?

    May be I am getting wrong the intended usage of QFileInfoProvider.

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    i haven't looked into the sources of QFileSystemModel yet, but i would bet that it queries the icon from the QFileIconProvider in it's data() method implementation for the decoration role. (In the way like i stated it in the code before)

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