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Problem solved (maybe) installing QtCreator on Kubuntu 13.04

  • My first installation of QtCreator was version 2.7.0. I had a serious problem viewing the Welcome help because the text was partly covered by screenshots and there were no examples present. Finally after days of frustration, I decided to try downloading the latest version of Qt 5.1.0, which hadn't been possible before (and still isn't) because the U Waterloo mirror failed saying there were bad characters. Finally I went to the qt-project.org page and found the link to alternative download sites. I downloaded the offline installer. After making the .run file executable, I got QtCreator to work, but it wasn't yet installed (!) as I found out when I killed it. Then I installed qtcreator from the tools/...directory using a prompted sudo ... command. Then the computer started unpacking and setting up what seemed like all sorts of irrelevant software like a Gnome monitor and asking questions about my default display manager (I chose lightdm) and the password for SQL etc, and after about two hours of all that activity, finally I could read the documents in the welcome screen. The original QtCreator was quite different, and I saw a .ui file for the Edit of an interface I did. I now have examples! Now the interfaces are described by QML instead of an xml file.

    All this was very confusing to a Qt beginner. Can someone keep beginners like me from having such a frustrating start-up? Also, what was happening during the incredibly long installation of qtcreator? Is my installation ok or is it likely to break down if I invest a lot of work into a project?

  • welcome to devnet

    When you install Qt 5.1 as it is on the top section of the webpage you install not just Qt creator. You install a complete development environment ( Qt creator is the IDE) plus the complete Qt lib package probably including the course code.

    Gut feeling says that 2 hours sound a bit long for decent computer. However, I have not installed Qt on linux lately. I am working more on windows. Within 2 hours I have installed today Qt with the complete set of supported compilers, as I found out later, on windows. Removed the complete stuff and installed in a different folder only what I need.

    Critics on the documentation may be read on this forum. But that is not guaranteed. You can also file a report or "suggestion on JIRA":https://bugreports.qt-project.org/secure/Dashboard.jspa, if you like.

    I would assume that your installation is fine. Learning of Qt is not limited to linux. Whatever you learn you can use on other platforms including windows and mac os later on. So, even if your linux installation is not sufficient you can switch later.

  • Many thanks for your help. My installation of Qt 5.1 is working fine now with lots of examples. I am now trying to find out how to use Qt to change a Windows-only application in C++ using a GUI built with the old MFC to a Qt application on Linux using C++11. I have found lots of stuff on integrating Qt and C++ but many documents and tutorials are from before QtCreator, QtQuick 2.0 and the new C++ standard. Is there a good place to get recent guidance so I get a good start? Thanks again.

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