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Qt::Key values for Mac OS X

  • Hello...

    I noticed the following in the documentation of Qt::Key:

    Qt::Key_Control __0x01000021 On Mac OS X, this corresponds to the Command keys.
    Qt::Key_Meta __0x01000022 On Mac OS X, this corresponds to the Control keys.

    So, from this I think I can assume that in the .kms files, Ctrl means "Command" on the Mac, and "Meta" means "Control?" So what does Qt::Key_Alt mean on the Mac? Does it mean the "Option" key? That's the only one left...!



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    Should be yes, nowadays the keyboard has it also labeled as alt

  • Ah! So it does! The mappings for Mac were kind of confusing... but they sort of make sense if I think about it right ;)


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