Error in installing Qt 5.1.0 Windows 64-bit (VS 2012) SDK

  • I am installing Qt 5.1.0 for Windows 64-bit (VS 2012, 525 MB)"" from "".
    My machine is windows 7 32 bit which already has VS2012 installed in that.
    But I am getting an error of qmake and qmake.conf while installing this SDK.
    And if I ignore these errors then I am not able to associate any qt version to my visual studio plugin.

    Can we not install Qt 5.1.0 windows 64 bit sdk to 32 bit windows machine.
    I just wanted to compile my project in windows 32 bit machine by setting target type as X64 bit in visual studio settings.

    Any help will be greatly appriciated.

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    No you can't do it like that, the binaries of the SDK are built to run on a 64bit Windows which means they can't run on a 32bit Windows.

  • Thanks for your reply , but I just wanted to compile my project on 32bit machine. I don't wanted to run it there.

    Please help is it possible to install it on 32 bit machine ?

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    That's not the problem here, the content of the sdk is fully 64bit so all the tools needed (qmake and its friends) are also 64bit so they wont run.

    You might have to cross-compile Qt but I have no experience in the field of 32 to 64 bit compilation on windows, only the other way around. You might want to ask that on the mailing list because it's a rarely seen scenario.

    One last thing, how would you test that your application is correctly running in 64 bit ?

  • Thanks for the detail information.
    I would probably compile my app in 64 bit machine now.

    To answer your question to test my app, I would have tested the functionality of my app, if it works as per expected , then it should be fine.

    We can change the target machine type setting in the Visual Studio,
    so that it will compile the app for that specific platform.

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    Then I would recommend that you do the development directly on the 64 bit machine, it will allow you to test both architectures

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