[SOLVED] QtQuick Controls 1.0 Designer style and actual style

  • I've downloaded Qt Creator 2.8 Enterprise and played a bit with the new QtQuick.Controls 1.0. On thing that bugs me is that what displayed in the designer resembles the typical Windows style with for instance the green pulsating progress bar, but once I run the application the progress bar is displayed as a minimalistic metro thing.

    The following picture display the running application on the left, and the designer illustration on the right:
    !https://files.myopera.com/amundgjersoe/pics/ResultVsDesigner.png(Actual vs designer illustration)!

    The QtQuick.Controls.Styles enables me to modify the style used, but how can I easily get the standard progress bar back (and the Win 7 style i general)?

    Qt 5.1.0 msvc2012_x64
    Qt Creator 2.8
    Windows 7 x64

  • Solved it! "As mentioned here as a note: ":http://doc-snapshot.qt-project.org/qt5-stable/qtquickcontrols/qtquickcontrols-overview.html We are using QApplication and not QGuiApplication in this example. Though you can use QGuiApplication instead, doing this will eliminate platform-dependent styling. This is because it is relying on the widget module to provide the native look and feel.

    So I should use QApplication, and not the project wizards QGuiApplication when wanting to get the native look.

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    Nice catch! Thank you for sharing the solution :)

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