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Playing video files on the gui

  • How can I load and play yuv files on the GUI ?

  • I'm also looking for a better way to do this.

    As far as I know, the YUV format is not supported by Qt. Until now, we've been using OpenCV to load video sequences and convert them to RGB, placed them in a QImage and display them in a QLabel.

    I haven't tried the Qt Multimedia classes yet. They should give you more control over playback (with a label, you'll have to "manually" time when each frame should be displayed), but might still not support YUV.

  • Thanks ! @Gulgul for your reply.....but can you plz elaborate a bit on this( i m familiar with opencv 2.4 library so no problem in that regard).......also i am planning to use the qt multimedia framework as a second option....

  • I apologize, it seems I was wrong and was reading RGB data all the time. I verified the OpenCV doc and YUV is not supported. From what I understand, ffmpeg is used as the OpenCV backend for reading different video formats and ffmpeg doesn't decode YUV data by default. My bad... :(

  • You could display individual YUV frames in an OpenGL context with a texture, using shaders to convert from YUV (or maybe there's an extension to do this?)... or convert each YUV frame to RBGA in C++ and load that into a texture.

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