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Updating Qt Creator

  • I currently have Qt Creator 2.5.2 installed (on Windows 7)
    I want to upgrade to 2.8.0.

    How do I do that? The installer doesn't seem to recognize the existing version.
    Can I overwrite the existing creator, or do I have to manually uninstall the old version?
    In any case, how do I move my existing settings (keyboard shortcuts, macros, external tools,...) to the new version?

  • I would install Qt creator 2.8.0 completely independent and see, if it is working properly. If possible you can delete/deinstall the older version lateron separately.
    If you are less cautious you can also deinstall the old creator and simply install the new one.

  • Thanks. I have now found the "Qt Creator FAQ":http://qt-project.org/doc/qtcreator-2.8/creator-faq.html

    According to that, both versions of Creator should share the same settings (unless I missed something).
    I wonder whether that will work, but we'll see.

  • You can always override the default path for settings using the "-settingspath /some/path" parameter.

    I do that a lot to make sure my "stable" build of Creator is not going to be broken by my "unstable" features I am working on in Creator;-) You might also want to copy the files found in the SDK-installed creator's share/qtcreator/QtProject into the same place in the stand-alone installation. That is where the auto-detected kits/qt versions/etc. installed by the SDK are kept.

  • Thanks! I found that the settings file location has changed between my builds (2.5.2 vs 2.8.0), but that copying the old settings to the new location did what I needed.

    There's a SDK? If so, it's not very obvious on the download page.

  • The Qt packages contain a Qt Creator installation (and a compiler in case of the mingw packages for windows). They basically are what the Nokia Qt SDKs used to be, but of course without the support for Nokia devices.

    If you need those, stick with the most recent Nokia SDK: Support for that hardware has been removed in Qt and Qt Creator since then, so the old versions are the best you are going to get;-)

  • I don't care about the Nokia devices, but I missed the easy updating the Nokia SDK offered. So I had hoped that qt-project had produced something like this by now.

    The way I understand it, you call just the bundle of Qt and Creator 'SDK', correct?

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