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Support of Windows XP 32 Bit with Qt 5.0

  • Hello!

    As the title states - is Windows XP 32 Bit supported by Qt 5.0?

    The "supported plattforms":http://qt.digia.com/Product/Supported-Platforms/ site from the digia web page does not list Windows XP as a primary supported plattform of Qt 5.0 but lists it as a secondary supported plattform with the remark "deploy only".

    Are there any known errors, problems or issues with Qt 5.0 under Windows XP 32 Bit?
    Thank you!

    Kind regards,

  • Lifetime Qt Champion


    I guess It's more because Microsoft is ending Windows XP 32bit support next year than related to specific problems. You can consult the known issues list to have more information.

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