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QListView and etc.

  • Hi every one, I have a problem with QListView. I made my custom List each item of which is about 100px height. So here is the problem: When my list's height is 550px (just for example) i have 50px blank space at the bottom of my list. I can't find solution. Sry for my poor english.

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    Hi, welcome to devnet

    You could limit your widget size dynamically. You could stretch some elements to fill the space. You could fill the empty space with some matching color. You could resize the elements to match the "grid size" etc.

    It all depends on your preference. First tell us WHAT would you like to do exactly and then we can think about HOW to do it.

  • I already found the solution, thanks. All i needed is just scroll by pixel instead of scrolling by element.

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