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[Solved] Building qt-5.1 from source in gentoo

  • Hi all,

    I am trying to build gentoo from source, as it actually isnt in the main portage tree. However, configure runs quite fine, but during the make process, the build fails at building webkit.

    Basically, the relevant error (I think) is the following.

    File "/home/user/qt-everywhere-opensource-src-5.1.0/qtwebkit/Source/JavaScriptCore/disassembler/udis86/itab.py", line 271
    print "error: invalid operand declaration: %s\n" % opr[i]
    SyntaxError: invalid syntax

    Anyidea, what causes that?


  • Moderators

    Are you using Python 3.x by any chance?

    Also, if you are not using QtWebKit, you can skip it's compilation (saves a looooot of time) by passing -skip webkit to configure.

  • Hi, thank you für your reply. Yes I am using python 3.2.5 and need webkit.

    Why isnt such a new release not compatible? is there any patch or something like that or do I really have to install python 2?

  • Moderators

    Some people still live in Python 2 world in full sunshine, surrounded by flowers and kittens. Anyway, WebKit team is to blame, not Qt ;P

  • Ah, sunshine and flowers...

    So this means that if I don't intend to use WebKit, it's ok for me to go with the latest version of Python?

  • Moderators

    I suppose so, but have not really checked. Python 2 is default on Kubuntu so so far I have not run into this problem.

    You can have both pythons installed in parallel in any case. Or maybe the 2to3 script can handle this code (this is a script that updates Python 2 code to Python 3).

  • Hi,

    ok - I will blame webkit. For all other gentoo users, the solution is indeed to install python2 and go with

    eselect python list

    kind regards,

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