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QMessagebox on linux

  • I created an gui application on ubuntu using Qt5.0. I set my application full screen, but when a i use a messagebox it does not hide launcher. the application launcher of ubuntu shows over my Qt application at the time the messagebox appear.. Is there any solution.. i show my code here ..

    //set window title bar as hide

  • There is nothing to do with the QT.
    check with the launcher settings.
    may help you.

  • Hi guru
    sometimes happens these type of issues on windowflags.

    following code may usefull to you

    setWindowFlags(windowFlags()| Qt::FramelessWindowHint);
    QDesktopWidget desk;
    QRect screenres = desk.screenGeometry(0);

    there is a small diff between your code and please check carefully.
    this code works fine.

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