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QtQuick 1 and QtQuick 2 in QT5.1 - OpenGL dependency

  • Hi,

    i'm starting a new embedded project, and would like to use the last Qt release, Qt 5.1. After a lot of searching in Qt site and also google, couldn't really find out, if both Qt Quick 1 and 2 are available in Qt 5.1.

    Also, if for both Qt Quick it's mandatary to have OpenGL ES 2.0 in my linux embedded rootfs. I am right now building my rootfs (with all my needs, that i am also trying to specify) and have no yet selected the right choice to start working with my GUI embeded application. Have to say and no lees important, my target (Cortex A5, SAMA5D3) doesn't come with a GPU, and i am not intended to use one.

    Any suggestions, help or guide? Will be really appreciated.

    Thanks in advance!


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    Yes, both QtQuick 1 and 2 are available in Qt5 and will continue to be available throughout Qt5 lifetime. At the same time, QtQuick 1 is only maintained; all development effort beyond basic bugfixing goes into QtQuick2.

    As for OpenGL requirement: QtQuick 2 definitely does require OpenGL.

    QtQuick 1 uses raster (software) painting engine (good old QPainter) for drawing so it should work without OpenGL: but I have never tested it, I'm only using QtQuick 2 and graphically accelerated machines.

  • Thanks for the reply, sierdzio.

    So, i believe that for an implementation without GPU, QtQuick2 is not an option and just have to try QtQuick1. Or is there any other Qt's options?



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    There is always mesa, plus you can squeeze a bit more performance if you use clang/llvm.

    There are other options in Qt:

    • QtQuick 1
    • Qt Graphics View Framework
    • QPainter
    • and widgets in general

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