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QProcess and Signal/Slot

  • Hi,

    I have make an IPC with DBus between two applications.
    The main app start the second application.
    I need to receive signal from the second app and do something with my slot in the main app.
    The problem is :
    I can't receive signal because I use @QProcess::start()@ and not @QProcess::startDetached()@ and I need to use start().

    Any idea?
    Thanks for answers

  • Lifetime Qt Champion


    What do you mean by "receive a signal from the second app" ?

    Since you're using DBus all communication between your two applications should go through it.

  • Yes, I receive communications between my applications but i use QProcess::start() and the main app is waiting the end of the application. So the signal is not processed

  • I don't understand something here. QProcess::start() seems to be asynchronous (non-blocking), so your program shouldn't be blocked and event loop should work well. There shouldn't be problem with processing signals, unless you messed something with DBus implementation.

  • I have forget that start() is asynchronous. I have myProcess->waitforStarted() behind...
    It works well, without waitforStarted() but I need to use this method.

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    There's something that's not clear at all here:

    • You say that you use DBus for the communication between your tow applications
    • You say that you want a signal from an app that runs in a QProcess
    • Now you need to use waitForStarted

    So please: explain why do you need to wait on your second application, what kind of signal should come out, why do you expect a signal from QProcess, etc...

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