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    As part of my application the user needs to be able to select from a set of up to 64 options.
    Any combination is allowed and I need a method of selecting/de-selecting all of the options. As a starting point I am showing (up to) 64 check boxes but by default these are 'ticked' which does not look particularly pleasing.

    Has anyone got any ideas on how best to implement this?



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    If the list is not fixed, or if you feel like it, you can implement your settings as a QListView/ QListWidget. Items in that view can be checked (you need to set QListWidgetItem::setChecked() for the checkbox to appear) and are easy to iterate through (since you have a list of items, it's quite easy to loop through it and select/ deselect them).

    Other option is to create a standard UI layout with QCheckBoxes. You can also keep them in a QList<QCheckBox *> for convenience (should make selection/ deselection easier), or use QWidget::findChildren<QCheckBox *>().

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