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Questions about the QtCreator/Android build-deployment process

  • I've some questions about the QtCreator Android build-deployment process

    *) Is there a way in QtCreator to deploy to Android only a specific project, or subdirs-project?
    I would like to open my top-level subdirs but i have more than one subproject of type TEMPLATE=app
    and I would like to generate apk only for those that will run on Android.

    *) Is there a way in QtCreator, to tell to only generate apk file without attempt to upload it on an
    android device ore simulator?

    *) If in the .pro file you customize DESTDIR (and OBJECTS_DIR) the apk creation will fail because it seems that binaries are searched only in OUT_PWD.

    *) The automatically added “android” directory Is created inside the project’s tree, and this could be ok for the not variants and for manual edited files. But is there a way in QtCreator to generate the .apk and all the intermediate files in some other locations? Hopefully a different path for each shadow build?

    Thank you, Fabio

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