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QtCreator 2.7.2 change JAVE_HOME setting it to wrongly dir

  • Dear all,
    I've just installed the 5.1.0 final for android and I'm experience a weird error, and I don't know how to debug and resolve it.

    JAVA_HOME environment variable is correctly setted to a JDK point where javac is present.
    I'm sure that it is setted correctly because with the previous version of QtCreator (2.7.1) everything works fine, and I can compile, deploy and test android app on a mobile device.
    But when I try to deploy the same project (exactly the same project) with QtCreator 2.7.2, the ant command fails reporting that it cannot find javac and what I can see from the error, the JAVA_HOME has been changed pointing to a different dir respect to what reported by QtCreator in the build environment dialog !!!

    Who change the JAVA_HOME dir ?? and why happens only with QtCreator 2.7.2 and not with QtCreator 2.7.1 ??

    Please, help me to find out how to solve this problem.


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