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About VS2010 for QT 5.x

  • At the current age, vs 2012 doesn't support for XP further.
    And maybe the VS2010 will be he last vs release that support for Windows XP.
    So my question is how long the QT target for vs2010 will be maintained.
    Now vs 2013 or vs 2014 is coming, will the forthcoming QT 5.3 or latter version of QT
    dropping support for VS2010?
    My meaning of support for vs2010 means there is an official binary release for it.

  • Mingw will never drop support for winXP, you can still use VS2012 and build a "custom" version for winXP with mingw32 (take it, it's good, it's free :p)

  • That's really not an option for me, because mingw32 didn't support for MFC.

  • Nobody can answer you... Support will be keeping there while people will continue to work for it, but nobody can predict the future. If you really need it, get involved in it.

    What more can MFC do than Qt ?
    (if you'll ask me the reverse-question, i have more than 10000 arguments..)

  • The only reason for keeping MFC is the historical reason,
    large amount Apps are still implemented in MFC,
    we can not just leave those behind in a blink.

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