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Translations, custom plugins & QDomDocumentation

  • Hi.

    Q1)I have problems with a translation options in eclipse qtDesigner. I created my plugins and it works OK,
    the problem that I have are with designer options. I have a QString variable, and it has like start configuration notr="yes" but if the
    user use the small arrow for reset the value the notr is disabled and the variable change to translatable. How can I do for disabled the notr optionality? I need always this variable like notr="yes", can not be modified.

    Q2)As not like getting the property is not changed, I decided to parse the .ui file and add to properties the notr="yes" attribute, I create a small application to modify those ui files an here I have another problem. When I parsed a ui file I read the Xml file and create my DomDocument structure. I can modified those properties and I rewrite the file and here is the
    problem, when I compare the files are two different

    1. Original file rewrite file
      @<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <-> <?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>@

    2. order of attribute

    @<sizepolicy hsizetype="Maximum" vsizetype="Maximum"> <-> <sizepolicy vsizetype="Maximum" hsizetype="Maximum">@

    The rewrite file are opened properly with eclipse Qtdesigner and in the compilation are compiled ok. I read in a post that the order of the attributes is not important for Xml files, is it true

    and the difference in the first line affected in operation?

    What can I do with my problems?


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