I have updated my tablet "Nexus 7" to version 2.2.2. and now the "QT" not recognized

  • I'm working on Windows 7 with QT Necessitas.

    Yesterday I bought "Nexus 7" tablet.

    I have configured the QT and I have installed the drivers for the nexus 7.

    Everything worked perfectly until I updated the tablet. Now every time I go to compile, the "QT" teaches the message "create new AVD" and :

    "Error while building/deploying project Trazador (target: Necessitas Qt 4.8.2 for Android armv7a)
    When executing step 'Deploy to Android device'"

    What can i do? With the version 2.2.1. everything was perfect. Now with 2.2.2 Qt do not recognize the tablet.

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