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QPluginLoader problem [SOLVED]

  • Hi, I'm having trouble loading a custom plugin using the QPluginLoader on Windows 7. It's getting as far as as the LoadLibrary() system call in QLibraryPrivate::load_sys() in qlibrary_win.cpp, so I know it's actually finding the file. I know the dll is valid because I'm able to load it in another Qt application. The error string that Qt gives me is:

    bq. Cannot load library C:/Path/to/my/customplugin.dll: The specified module could not be found

    I don't know how to debug the LoadLibrary call. There must be some configuration or something that I'm forgetting, but I can't figure out what it is. Any suggestions?

  • Are you sure that at time of loading all customplugin.dll dependencies are fulfilled?

  • Ah, that was it. I'd forgotten to copy over a required dll. Thanks a lot.

    If anyone else is interested, I found this very helpful in debugging the LoadLibrary:

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