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How to reload the tableview to reload its data ?

  • Hi i retrieve data from a data base with a model and then it is displayed with a tableview.
    i have a button witch delete the selected row from the tableview. When i click on it, the row is deleted from the database but no from the tableview. So witch function can i use to reload the data in the tableview?

  • If you are using QSqlQueryModel you should re-set its query using setQuery.
    There isn't any function to 'refresh' a QSqlQueryModel.

  • actually i use QSqlTableModel. To refresh the tableview i did @model->select();
    ui->tableView1->setModel(model);@ and it works thanks :)

  • The call to select does the trick alone.

    Calling setModel() with the same model as before is a no-op anyways :-)

    void QAbstractItemView::setModel(QAbstractItemModel *model)
    if (model == d->model)

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