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[SOLVED] Adding extra classes when building for cross-compilation

  • I followed the procedure in "Qt 4.7.1 for QNX systems" to achieve cross-compilation. This is the content of the readme.txt file you find when you download the "qt_qnx_2011-02-24b" from Foundry27 qnx portal. Part of this procedure explains how to build for your application so that it can be deployed on your target (see below).

    The procedure works fine and I am able to build and deploy my QT application on a qnx target. There is a problem though. I have a hirerachy like this

    SimControl (dir)

    which contains

    nto-x86-o (dir)

    the nto-x86-o dir contains


    Now I want to add an extra class, MyNeedle.ccp MyNeedle.h , at "SimControl" directory level.
    However the makefile system suggested by the procedure does not seem to take this extra class into account and I get an error when I build my application if I include a MyNeedle instance in main.cpp (the application gets built just by running make at SimControl level).

    As I am not an expert on makefiles and struggle to understand in details what the procudre "Build targets for make" is actually doing I have no idea how to allow the make system to consider this extra class that I want to add to my project (MyNeedle has to be defined this way as I want to override QWidget::paintEvent to draw my own Needle).

    Does anyone have any idea how I solve this problem?

    Many Thanks

  • Problem fixed by adding new class ".h", ".cpp" file in the project file "SimControl.pro"..

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