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What is in your toolbox (chapter 1: IDEs)?

  • I heard somewhere that developers are just big kids playing with their toys.

    We all have our favorite toys to do our grown-up jobs. What are yours? What do you like/dislike about each one of them?

    My List:

    • Visual Studio 2010: It is the IDE I have used more often. It is great for .NET and has plenty of helpful tools. With every new release I feel that support for pure C++ development is getting worst and this is one of the reasons why I am moving away from it (and MFC).
    • Eclipse: for all my JAVA development. It is great for J2EE. I used to like NetBeans better for J2ME but haven't had any need for it in a long time.
    • Qt Creator: when I first started I couldn't imagine why someone would need another IDE but I have to say that with every new release I like it more.

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    For me it is Qt Creator only these days... We are eating our dog food:-) I really like the tool, so I use it for my hobby projects, too.

    For small tasks I still end up in vi, but that is really just to remove a couple of characters here and there. For bigger things using a real IDE is so much nicer!

  • [quote author="fcrochik" date="1294324567"]I heard somewhere that developers are just big kids playing with their toys.

    I can not disagree with this sentence :) I still feel that I am a big kid, only the toys are little diferece :)

    But back to the topic:
    When I am trying to do somethink with Qt I use a Qt Creator, if I am codeing with pure C++ I use Code::Block, it is a expanded IDE, unfortunately I never programing in .NET or JAVA so I can't tell somethink about IDE for this Language

  • The Visual Studio is a realy good IDE. The problem is that there is nothing comparable on Linux / Mac. My daily work now is on a linux platform. And therefore I started whith the Qt Creator all the day. Now, when I have a project under Windows, I prefer the Qt Creator too, because of the complete Qt integration, the better code completion, intellisense a.s.o.

    What I'm realy missing is the perfect debugger from the Visual Studio!!!

    1. Qt Creator, sometimes even without Qt ;)

    2. I'm mostly a "windows-person", so Visual Studio is in my toolbox ;)
      What i don't like about Visual Studio 2010 is that the IDE is slow (maybe the WPF interface wasn't a good idea)

    About the compiler i have to say that VC++ it is getting closer to the standard (even with 0x features) and it's a good compiler (about MFC i can't comment because i didn't use it, i use VS with Qt ;) )

  • Only Qt Creator, I even use it to do some quick edits of php stuff (notepad doesn't like unix line breaks, but I do :-) ) else vi.

  • Qt Creator mostly, but sometimes Kate or vim is used (depends on where am I: in console or in file manager).

  • At work we use MSVS 2008 only, at home I use QtCreator.

    I think, from point of features, MSVS is a really good IDE, but the Qt integration is better in QtCreator :-)

  • QtCreator suffices for most of my needs, though I do keep an external editor at hand to editing other relevant files than code (XML, CSV, whatnot). On windows I use Notepad++ for that, on Linux Kate.

  • More a tool's container than a box :-)

    • Qt Creator for Qt development on the Mac
    • MSVC 2005 for Qt on Windows (mainly only for compiling, as development is made on the Mac)
    • MSVS 2005 for a special project that requires it on Windows
    • MSVS 2008 for another version of that project on Windows
    • XCode for the Mac Versions of that project
    • Codewarrior for old versions of that project on the Mac (thank the big spaghetti monster that this version is end-of-lifetime!)
    • Eclipse for all the Java stuff
    • Trying Qt Creator @ Win to replace MSVS
    • Qt Creator for some Linux stuff, if needed
    • and of course vim for the fast hack :-)

    If I had to choose, I would definitely go for Qt Creator for all C/C++ stuff. Eclipse is nice, but bloated and slow (waiting 5 seconds for your character to appear on the screen because that beast is collecting garbage is no fun)

  • [quote author="Volker" date="1294401260"]Eclipse is nice, but bloated and slow (waiting 5 seconds for your character to appear on the screen because that beast is collecting garbage is no fun)[/quote]
    That was my main frustration with eclipse and the reason to ditch it in favor of Qt Creator. And the Microsoft approach (MSVS) never was my cup of tea.

  • Additionally, Eclipse still lacks some very basic features like code folding (works only for a method as a whole, not for single blocks like if/for/switch/etc.). The dock windows are always in the way when you need much space and they are missing when you need them (one can get SO accustomed to the ESC-key-pattern of Creator...). Code completion is miserably slow sometimes (waiting some seconds before the UI is responsive again) and some more. And instead of fixing those basic things they bloat it with a bunch of new features. It's simply not my beast :-)

    Regarding MSVS - a bit better, but still no ESC key that moves the unneeded dock windows out of the way :-)

    XCode ... clutters my screen with uncountable toplevel windows for every source file. Else, not bad.

    Codewarrior - I'd better stop writing now :-)

    1. Qt Creator for C++/Qt [this is my main tool nowdays]
    2. Netbeans for Java/SWING

    Platforms: Mac OS X [main nowdays], Windows, Ubuntu, Debian.

  • Just vi, qmake and make :)

  • [quote author="deni-herdiman" date="1294488427"]Just vi, qmake and make :)[/quote]

    Give Qt Creator a shot - it has a "fake vi" mode for the editor and you gain the additional goodies like refactoring, inline help, jump to definition/declaration, code completion and the like and just calls qmake and make under the hoods. It's really worth a try!

  • [quote author="Volker" date="1294494339"]... it has a "fake vi" mode for the editor ...[/quote]


  • You can have the shortcuts of vi or emacs inside QtCreator.

  • [quote author="Gerolf" date="1294498950"]You can have the shortcuts of vi or emacs inside QtCreator.[/quote]

    This is what Volker meant with his last post?

  • and window where you see yours code looks like vi :) it's nice tool :)

  • Stavros, "fake vi" mode means the editor has key bindings (navigation, insert, delete, etc.) like the famous vi editor.

  • [quote author="Volker" date="1294513865"]Stavros, "fake vi" mode means the editor has key bindings (navigation, insert, delete, etc.) like the famous vi editor.[/quote]


  • Qt Creator for Qt development and Eclipse for Java (just for university courses since I don't like java at all). Compilers are GCC on both linux and Windows

  • [quote author="deni-herdiman" date="1294488427"]Just vi, qmake and make :)[/quote]

    Similar here - vim, cmake and make (adg gdb naturally).

    As for IDEs, MSVS never agreed with my stomach. Borland tools were ok a long time ago, but rather obsolete today.

    The only time when I deviate from Vim is when I want to test the new versions of QtCreator, KDevelop or NetBeans (with nbVi plugin), but still couldn't make any of them my main solution.

    For me, KDevelop is main contestant to the throne at the moment.

  • only QT creator. ;-)

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