QWidget on All workspce and avoid icon from launcher

  • Hi,
    I am writing a desktop widget for GNU/Linux, and now facing 2 problems

    1. Widget to be displayed all workspace. I dont find any window flag for this

    2. Hide app icon from launcer. to do tha t i tried
      WidgetGUI::WidgetGUI(QWidget *parent) :
      QWidget(parent, Qt::Dialog)



    QApplication application(argc, argv);

    QWidget widget;
    QMainWindow mainWindow(&widget);

    but it didn't work on gnome3 and unity

    Please help
    Vishnu V

  • Lifetime Qt Champion


    Are you thinking of something like KDE's plasmoid ?

    Otherwise, showing the same application on all desktop is handled by your desktop manager, not Qt.

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