Configuration of Qt 5.1 for windows 7 64 bit ( Jom exited with code 2 )

  • I'm trying to run:
    Version ==> Qt 5.1.0 libraries and Qt Creator 2.7.2 under
    System ==> Windows 7 64 bit ultimate

    VS 2010 Kit:
    Jom exited with code 2
    Error executing step make

    ====== > Answering to MySelf:

    If you have the same problem, try to do this:

    --> open cmd
    --> run vsvarall.bat from command line ( find it under VC++ install directory )
    --> try to run qmake + jom from the appropriate directories from the command line

    It works for me, it build it and I can run it from qt. But jom does not work from QtCreator ...
    I tried to add the run of vsvarall.bat using full path before jom in the build steps
    ---> Qt creator shows that vsvarall is properly executed and jom goes through. But then tells me that cl.exe is not in may path !!! Well it is !
    ---> I tried the above steps with vsvar32.bat as well. Same result.

    I got tired of switching between command line and Qt Creator. I wiped out my hard drive, reinstall windows from scratch, with Qt, VS2012 and whatever else. It works fine now...

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