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Qt-creator/text-editor : Selectively dislikes gcc __attribute__((unused))

  • Using 2.7.0 :

    If, as part of a C program, I, for example :
    @void *data_collect(attribute((unused))void *arg){@
    Then the editor does not (and rightly) seem unhappy.
    If, as part of a C++ program, I, for example :
    @bool QT_0707a_MainWin::eventFilter(attribute((unused))QObject *obj,QEvent *event){@
    Then the editor underlines all this in red (as it would do for any big good old syntax error).
    Of course (and rightly), the code will compile fine.

  • Lifetime Qt Champion


    Can you test with the latest version of QtCreator ? If it's still not good you might consider creating a bug report for it

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