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Google Weather APIs - Not returning Data - Qt Quick2 QML

  • Exploring Google Weather APIs using "XmlListModel & XmlRole" for Current Weather, Weather Forecast. I'm trying to execute the sample app as mentioned in "QtQuickAppDevIntro.pdf". The downloaded code is used. However, I get to received NO DATA in response. The "" URL when given in browser is displaying below message instead of XML data.

    "We're sorry...
    ... but your computer or network may be sending automated queries. To protect our users, we can't process your request right now."

    How to proceed further?

  • Further details says that "Unusual traffic from your computer network" notification What to do when Google detects automated queries on your network". Looks like it is looking for 'CAPTCHA' human request in place of this "automated traffic".

    Help please.

  • Google never had an official weather API, but one could retrieve it anyway. It looks like they changed there code so retrieving is impossible. You could screen scrape the weather using this online screens craper:
    Look at the examples, the first one is for google weather.

  • When scraping Google however you have to use rotating proxies or hide your IP address otherwise you will get a ban at IP level. That is what you are getting now.

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