How to pass a QEvent to a QWidget's child widgets?

  • Hello,

    I want to automatically generate some QMouseEvent and let a QMainWindow widget to handle it. I'm currently using QCoreApplication::sendEvent(QObject * receiver, QEvent * event)
    function. But this function can only let the receiver (QMainWindow) to handle the event, it doesn't propagate the event to the receiver's child widgets.

    For example, in my QMainWindow, I have buttons and text fields and other components. When I send mouseEvent to the QMainWindow, I want the widget whose bounding box overlaps the event's location handles the event. But with the QCoreApplication::sendEvent function, I can only let the QMainWindow handles it.

    How do I propagate an event to a widget's child widgets?

  • this might help:

    If you want to do like a mouse over event on a QPushButton you will have to implement that yourself.

    However if you want something in a widget to call a function you just have to use the appropriate sender, SIGNAL(trigger), reciever, SLOT(func)

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