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[Solved] Ajax Unknown error

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    In QtWebKit often occurs error "Unknown error" in Ajax requests of type POST
    This problem does not occur in conventional browsers (like Google Chrome and Firefox).

    It would be possible to create a "DEBUG" all requests that occur within the "QWebView" to analyze the cause of the problem?

    bq. Note: There is always occurring, but still quite frequently

    -Is it a bug in QT?-
    -What would be the best way around the problem?-

    -I believe that it is not something simple to discover, would analyze the requests of QtWebKit (using QtWebKit itself) made ​​by Ajax (not the console QWebInspector, I've tried this and did not help me)?-

  • I tested using local proxy, or the proxy processes the request by the site that I access and send back to my application back.

    @ QNetworkProxy proxyClient;

    The error does not happen more when used proxy.

    Therefore I believe to be a defect in the transmission of data (I mean a failure in QtWebKit).

    What could I do to solve this problem?

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