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Multi Window Interactions

  • I work on an application that leverages Qt for our Windowing system to help automate broadcasting of media content (ie. I make TV stations work). We have a wierd UI bug at the moment though. If we have a list of events that is one maximized window and we pull up a dialog (qwidget) that is a "find and replace" style operation, when we hit "find next", the window goes away and nothing happens. If, however, if we make the list of events small enough so that the "Find and Repace" window isn't completely covered, the operation works fine. I've included a few screen grabs for clarity.


    Note, the first image is when find and replace will fail, the second is when it will succeed.

    This goes so far that, if I have the "Events" screen on top of the find and replace dialog box, and I slowly move the events screen, once the find and replace dialog gets uncovered, it will actually process the request I previously made.

    So the question I have here is, how do multiple windows interact with each other?

    On a side note, I realize that what I wrote is probably really confusing, so I will try to record some video later on the exact issue.


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