How to develop plugin UI components for a Qt GUI application

  • We want to create an GUI application which will have different modules/functions/components. Each of them is not depended on each other. But not all of those modules/functions/components are needed in different cases/users. All of them have a GUI for user to interact with. We may use Qt Widgets to develop out application.

    We are thinking to make them as plugin components. It is new to me. I think I can do it in Java Swing with a property file and available classes files to plug (dynamically) or unplug a component.

    How about in Qt/C++? the same with a property file and available dll in window? So I need a separated Qt Creator project to create dll for each of them? How about the interfaces?

    Any suggestion/link will be appreciated.

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    Have a look at this "example":

    It should give you a good starting point

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