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Content of balloons in Google Earth Plugin not displaying

  • I am using QtWebView and Google Earth Plugin for an application. For the most part everything seems to be working well. My problem is that balloons do not display any content. A balloon pops up with the correct size, but is blank. I can reproduce this problem using the QtWeb browser (qtweb.net) and following these steps:

    Navigate to Google Maps (maps.google.com)

    Switch to Earth mode (options at top right hand corner)

    Search for an address (i.e “The White House”)

    Click on the place mark (pin)

    At this point all that shows up is an empty balloon. Anyone else already worked through this problem?

  • Hello ~faso
    Welcome to Qt DevNet.

    I am not sure that it's a Qt bug, but I think that it's about WebKit or it's just your personal bug. Can you show us debug output of webkit console, please?

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