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How to work with FTP in Qt 5.1.0?

  • Как я понимаю, в предыдущих версиях Qt был класс QFtp, но в версии 5.1.0 я не нашел его.
    Как работать с FTP в Qt 5.1.0?

    As I understand it in previous versions of Qt was a class QFtp, but in version 5.1.0 I did not find it.
    How to work with FTP in Qt 5.1.0?

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    QFtp has been deprecated for a while. In Qt 5 it is no longer present as you noticed already. However, the source using the substitution can be "found here":

    There is also a Russian forum. Otherwise it could be for some less confusing, when you leave away the original Russian.

  • QNetworkAccessManager is probably what you are looking for. I believe you can do FTP communications with it.

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