[Solved] Android and bluetooth/USB

  • Hi,

    with Qt5.1, can we use the bluetooth or the usb functionnality of the android devices ?


  • There is no Qt USB APIs.

    Qt Bluetooth has not yet been released. It is targeted for release with Qt 5.2 but it currently doesn't support the Android platform (only Linux and QNX are supported).

    For the time being you will need to make use of native Android APIs to access Bluetooth and USB functionality.

  • Ok..

    Can I still use some of my Qt codes for, lets say, the interface and use Eclipse for the usb/bluetooth communication?

    Qt would need some kind of interface with eclipse... I am not sure it is possible!

  • So I am there... I need to transfer my Qt app to android.

    I need usb control. Can it be done with Qt or I will need to use Eclipse?

    Thanks for your help

  • Moderators

    bq. I need to transfer my Qt app to android

    Do you want to know how to copy your APK to android device ?

  • no.. I wanted to know If I could use a hybrid method. Qt and java. I need java class for the usb port.

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