Do someone have a already build QtWebKit Windows binary (dll) with enabled WebGL support?

  • Hi Qt guys,

    we want to test an 3d scene in our app's webview. We are using the 3d JavaScript Library "three.js". The software rending mode works, but is slow. The WebGL mode does not work, only in browsers it does.
    As for the Qt version we are using 4.7 and till now we build our app always with MSVC with the available Windows binaries downloaded from the Qt's download pages.
    As we read in another thread:
    It looks like we have to build our own webkit for this problem. But at this time we want only test whenever the scene looks and perform in our app, to show it to our costumer so he can then decide if they want use it or not. But the detailed build and embedding description sounds very time-consuming only to test of one scene (also we are not using mingw in the past time). So we ask, do someone of you maybe already managed it, to create such an Windows qtwebkit binary (in Qt4.7 or at least in 4.8, 5+ will not work because we still using some Q3 classes) with WebGL support which one could provide to us, so we could test our scene? Thanks in advance. Thank you.


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