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Style Settings in Qt Quick (+ Designer)

  • Hello,
    I am planning to write a set of custom components in a way that other people can use the QtCreator Design mode to create a Gui. I intend to create these components in different styles that can be switched from within the Design mode by inserting the name of a Style in some property field.(This is the most usable way I could come up with.)

    I cannot find a proper solution for this problem, all my approaches have some sort of flaw.

    1. Putting all the styles in contextProperties:

    -prohibits a style change in Design mode since contextProperty values cannot be accessed. All you get in Design mode is #contextPropertyName# if i am not mistaken.

    1. Creating a global javascript File (.pragma) that has all style values in variables and includes a function that takes a Stylename parameter that changes these variables to the correct values:
    • if a property is assigned a javascript variable a change of this variable will not trigger a "property changed event" as a change of this property from within qml would. Since all components have several style dependent properties. triggering these changes by hand seems excessive work to me.
      IS THERE A REPAINT ALL that could do that???

    • i also had trouble getting the function to change the variable values in Design mode

    1. I have a (kind of) working solution involving QtObjects holding style properties and a loader dynamically changing its source. But that would involve loading the Style Objects into every Component which might be bad for performance.


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