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QtDBus replying to a DBus signal?

  • Using dbus-monitor, I'm seeing my Qt-based program respond to a DBus signal by sending a DBus method return message. The DBus spec says that signals should not send any kind of reply message. Here's the relevant section of the dbus-monitor output:

    === DataChanged signal sent to Qt program:
    signal sender=:1.2 -> dest=(null destination) serial=387 path=/wifi/networks/000e3b449928; interface=dbus.topics.Topic; member=DataChanged
    array [
    dict entry(
    string "SignalLevel"
    variant int32 2
    dict entry(
    string "SignalStrength"
    variant int32 76

    === Reply from Qt program to sender of signal:
    method return sender=:1.3 -> dest=:1.2 reply_serial=387

    === Sender of signal sends error message saying a reply was not expected:
    error sender=:1.2 -> dest=:1.3 error_name=org.freedesktop.dbus.exceptions.DBusExecutionException reply_serial=205
    string "Spurious reply. No message with the given serial id was awaiting a reply."

    Here's the DBus interface definition I'm using:
    <interface name="dbus.topics.Topic">
    <method name="GetData">
    <annotation name="com.trolltech.QtDBus.QtTypeName.Out0" value="QVariantMap"/>
    <arg name="data" direction="out" type="a{sv}"/>
    <signal name="DataChanged">
    <annotation name="com.trolltech.QtDBus.QtTypeName.In0" value="QVariantMap"/>
    <arg type="a{sv}" name="data"/>

    I generated interface files for my Qt program using qdbusxmo2cpp:
    qdbusxml2cpp -v -c TopicInterface -p TopicInterface.h:TopicInterface.cpp dbus.topics.Topic.xml

    Here's the code that creates and instance of TopicInterface and connects it to the signal handler:
    m_topicInterface = new TopicInterface(m_service, m_path, QDBusConnection::systemBus());
    if (m_topicInterface->isValid()) {
    // Connect dbus signals to local signal handlers
    QObject::connect(m_topicInterface, SIGNAL(DataChanged(QVariantMap)), this, SLOT(DataChangedHandler(QVariantMap)));
    } else {
    LOG4CPLUS_ERROR(m_logger, "TopicInterface instance is not valid");

    And here's the signal handler which emits a Qt signal for my application to handle, and then returns:
    void TopicProxy::DataChangedHandler(const QVariantMap &data) {
    LOG4CPLUS_TRACE(m_logger, "DataChangedHandler signal handler called");

    // Emit the dataUpdate signal. The Topic instance will handle this.


    My application works fine, but I'm puzzled about these errors. Am I doing something wrong that would cause QtDBus to send a reply to an incoming signal?

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