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QMultiMedia not playing properly / not playing at all

  • Hello,

    I`m facing some difficulties with the multimedia library. I plan to use the QGraphicsVideoItem in a project however, i needed to do some performance tests first. The first step was too see if the example projects functioned properly however i haven't managed to get them to work properly.

    the videowidget example project produces the following error:

    When attempting to play an .mp4 movie

    • Error: "Gstreamer encountered a general stream error"

    When attempting to play an .avi movie

    • Error: "Internal data stream error."

    The screen stays black.

    When attempting the same thing at the videographicsitem example project the result is different:
    When loading the movie the following error appears:

    • Failed to start video surface

    However, the movie does start and functions properly.
    I`m guessing it has something to do with the gsteamer libraries but i'm not sure. Does anyone know what/where to look for ?

    Some additional information:

    • When i execute gst-launch playbin uri=file:///some movie it plays the movie
    • Running OpenSUSE 12.3 in a virtual machine (host windows 7)

  • Make sure you have all GStreamer 0.10 plugins installed. That is: gstreamer-plugins-good, gstreamer-plugins-ugly, gstreamer-plugins-bad and gstreamer-plugins-ffmpeg.

  • and i think you must install ffmepg in OpeenSuse.

  • Hi,

    I'm experiencing the same error : all my movies (.mpg, .mpeg, .avi, .wmv, etc.) play well with gst-lauch but i get the "internal data error" message. I have installed all necessary gstreamer plugins.
    Why "videowidget" example doesn't work ?

    I'm using Qt 5.2 with Qt Creator 3.0.


  • Any solution for this? I'm facing the same issue with the Raspberry pi.

  • I'm currently facing the exact same problem, and it's quite strange since i can use either totem, gnome-open, gst-launch playbin "myvideo.mp4", but the problem appears when i try to launch it with qt and i get this: "Gstreamer encountered a general stream error" with a .mp4

  • Have anyone found solution?

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