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Qt5.1/Android QMenu and QToolBar/Dialog problems

  • Hello all,

    I have begin porting my application to Android using Qt 5.1. It displays fine on my Galaxy S4, but the menus and toolbars are irresponsive to touch events. Basically what I have is a QMainWindow containing a QMenu and a QToolbar and some others, including a QGraphicScene/View. The scene itself seems to reacts to touch events, but somehow I am not able to get something from the QMenu.

    Second problem, if I call a QDialog (modal) from the toolbar, then to make it appear in front of the application I have to rotate my phone, forcing a redraw I guess.

    Any clue about what if going wrong? Someone with a similar design has it working correctly?



  • Hi Philippe, I've not answers but I posted similar questions here:

  • I've had similar issues with Qt5, and posted a comment on the above item by nomegenerlco. Have you seen any developments?

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