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Floating QDockWidgets on osx don't allow children to use drag and drop

  • Hello everyone. Having some trouble on osx with QDockWidgets (qt 4.8.1). I have several QDockWidgets which contain various qabstractitemviews. Some contain qtreeviews, and some qlistviews. These operate correctly when the qdockwidgets are docked, but when floating the itemviews don't allow drops and I'm not receiving signals for dragmove, dragenter, or drop. They work correctly at all times on win and linux.

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Could you try with the latest Qt version ? (4.8.5 currently)

    If nothing changes, you could check the "bugreport" system to see if it's already known and if not, you can open a new bug with a minimal compilable example that shows the behavior.

  • Thanks SGaist. upgraded to Qt 5.1.0, and now on mac if a qdockwidget starts out floating everythings fine, if it's docked at one point, once undocked it just displays a white background inside the widget, and nothing inside. Works fine again if docked. On linux, everything works except while dragging the window is offset from where the mouse pointer is

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    Sounds like a bug... You should make a minimum test application that shows that behavior and create a bug report with your findings (or if someone already reported it, you can add more informations to it)

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