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Ui and cpp files are out of sync

  • Everything was fine until I decided to add another combobox (which I did not rename and is indeed called comboBox) into my .ui when I realized that ui->comboBox was not recognized. All my other widgets etc that I added awhile ago still work though. When I debug I get http://i.stack.imgur.com/xVs8X.png but i know for a fact that I created it. Usually bugs like these I could just close my Qt and start it up again and all would be well but not this time. Does anyone know how to possibly fix this issue? I'm using Qt5.1.0.

    Edit: I do notice that my ui->blah is in red, whereas I don't recall it being red before. I do have Qt statically built (just recently too).

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    Do a full rebuild of your project:

    • clean
    • run qmake
    • build

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