How to login from QML with new QML api

  • Just before I used the "IdentityAuthOperation" object from QML.
    It just disappeared in the new alpha release, what is the equivalent ?


  • Replying to myself, had to search the source, not documented...
    Enginio {
    id: enginio
    backendId: "yourid"
    backendSecret: "yoursecret"
    identity: EnginioBasicAuthentication {
    user: "username"
    password: "password"

  • Unfortunately the basic documentation of authentication did not make it into the alpha, but I see you use git master (AFAIK alpha still has EnginioAuthentication), so you could try to 'make docs' to build the docs and then load doc/enginio-qt.qch in creator.

  • Excellent, I have the doc updated, thanks again !

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